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Creating a Community
Garden Sanctuary

It’s in our nature.

Community Garden - Rooted Plant

The Norwest Quarter Community Garden sanctuary is a small step towards a more sustainable future. Here you will find fresh organic herbs, vegetables and other delights.

If you’re not a member, there are things you can pick, and some you can’t – please check the signs. To join the garden community fill out the application form below.

Join our community

To become a member of the Norwest Quarter Community Garden and gain premium picking privileges, fill out your information below and a member will be in touch soon.

Community Garden - Rooted Plant
Community Garden - Flower Pot
Cherry Tomatoes - Community Garden


This luxury accommodation provides a cozy refuge for native bees who help pollinate all the plants and flowers in Norwest Quarter who in turn help remove carbon from the air.

Biogas Digest

This big black bag uses methanogen bacteria, similar to those in a cow’s stomach, to break down organic waste, creating bio-fertilizer for our gardens and clean gas which is used to fuel our BBQs.

E-water System

This device produces an endless supply of sustainable, chemical-free, household cleaner and sanitiser. And the refillable bottles reduce carbon generation through transport and plastics production.

Worm Farms

Inside these boxes thousands of happy worms are feasting on leftover food scraps. This reduces waste to landfill and creates rich fertilizer for the community garden.

Biofilta Foodcubes

These planter beds are made of recycled materials and provide the perfect medium for productive gardens. They help keep pests and weeds away and a reservoir captures rainwater plants can drink up when they’re thirsty.

Tree Farm

The trees you see being grown here will ultimately be replanted all around the Norwest Quarter development. This means we can have mature trees providing shade as well as helping keep the air clean from Day 1.

Rainwater Tanks

These tanks capture 100% of the water we need for Norwest Quarter pods and to keep the community garden growing lush and green.

Insect Feature

It may just look like a pile of logs, but this is home to all sorts of little creatures. Don’t be offended if they don’t invite you in. They’re busy playing their important part in Norwest Quarter’s biodiverse environment.

Solar Powered Pods

The Banksia and Lacebark Displays have solar panels on top to provide free, renewable power for our pods. The energy we capture will fully power the pods and garden while pushing surplus to the grid.

Separate Your Stuff

Sorting things we no longer want into these coloured bins increases recycling and reduces waste. This is just one way we are reaching our target of zero waste to landfills.

Register your interest

Life feels natural and easy when you’re living in sync with nature, the environment, and each other. At Norwest Quarter, you’ll come home to this feeling every day.