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Our Vision

Three pillars. One
beautiful neighbourhood.

⸻ We all know things have to change if we’re going to protect our planet and restore balance in our lives. So, we’ve established this new neighbourhood model built on three core pillars.

Three Pillars Sustainability


Driving Zero Carbon Living at its best

Three Pillars Community


Living in a supportive neighbourhood

Three Pillars Nature


Experience the healing benefits of the great outdoors


Driving zero carbon
living at its best.

⸻ Move in and make a difference. Norwest Quarter aims to help you enjoy Zero Carbon Living with no carbon emissions. As well as making a real contribution towards mitigating the effects of climate change, Zero Carbon Living will lower your energy bills while increasing your wellbeing through healthier buildings, better air quality, and greater access to nature.
Our Pillars Norwest Quarter High Cost Living
Our Pillars Norwest Quarter Low Cost Living

These are just some of the ways we’re making a difference – register your interest or visit our Experience Centre to discover more.

Our Pillars Sustainability Friends Bushwalking
Our Pillars Sustainability Lounge Living Detail

Kick back, relax and do what you do best.

⸻ Simply by choosing to live here, you’re helping lower global carbon emissions, reduce landfills, save water, and protect biodiversity. From the moment you move in, you’ll enjoy effortless, feel-good living, knowing that the design, build, and systems in your home and neighbourhood are part of a ready-made ecosystem that leads the way in sustainable living.


Creating a supportive community.

⸻ Norwest Quarter is simply the perfect antidote to hectic family lives, online isolation, and social distancing in a country where a third of us don’t know our neighbours’ names!

Feel welcome and a profound sense of belonging thanks to a supportive, close-knit community where everyone reconnects with nature, each other, and themselves.


Experience the healing benefits of the great outdoors.

⸻ Every day, you can harness the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of living amongst nature in beautiful green spaces and rewilded environments that integrate native planting with stunning man-made designs.

Our Pillars Nature Outdoor Dining
Our Pillars Nature Little Girl Walking
Our Pillars Nature Outdoor Dining
Our Pillars Nature Little Girl Walking

Nature’s playground at your fingertips

⸻ Recent research prescribes a 120-minute dose of nature to strongly increase your wellbeing! So, it’s good to know that your neighbourhood teems with spaces and ways to interact with nature, whether you’re walking the dog, playing with the kids, feeding your curiosity, or simply reading under a shady tree.

Our Pillars Nature Picnic Pick up

An environment created for socialising

⸻ Intimate laneways, smaller retailers and maximised outdoor seating create bustling and creative ambiences while enjoying nature’s air conditioning. Love picnics? Grab a rug and some friends and make the most of your neighbourhood’s beautiful parks and gardens.

Our Pillars Nature Community Garden Hands Tomatoes

Garden as much as you like, or not at all

⸻ Communal gardens grow organic veggies, beehives produce Norwest Quarter honey, and worm farms provide rich compost for the earth. The bush care, beekeeping, and gardening groups welcome the hands of like-minded people to help nurture our beautiful neighbourhood.

Our Pillars Nature Pet Friendly Sanctuary

A place for all in this pet-friendly sanctuary

⸻ We know you love your pets, and we do too. With dog-friendly homes, special areas for socialising, and walkies galore, your pet will love being a part of Norwest Quarter’s family too.

Wildlife included

Your new Norwest Quarter home is a harmonious
environment for everyone, wildlife and pets included.

A thriving community for all

⸻ Every native tree, plant, and flower in our neighbourhood supports biodiversity, improves the landscape, protects endangered species, and creates new homes for our wildlife friends.

Our Pillars Nature Wildlife Bird
Our Pillars Nature Wildlife Bat
Our Pillars Nature Wildlife Native Flowers

Register your interest

Life feels natural and easy when you’re living in sync with nature, the environment, and each other. At Norwest Quarter, you’ll come home to this feeling every day.